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Anne and Andy in Yellow

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Looking like a bit of sunshine, this 11.5" Anne is decked out in her favorite yellow pinafore and calico blouse.  Her facial features are hand embroidered and her light brown hair is stitched in place.

Andy is also 11.5" tall and sports a matching yellow outfit including a hat.  His face and hair are hand stitched the same as Anne's and they both have an embroidered heart on their chest saying "I Love You"

Anne and her partner Andy are great for collectors, or for little ones.  Both have clothes that are removable, and hand embroidered features for safe play.

These dolls are Sold. E-mail me to order your very own.

$65.00 /pr CAD

Shipping and insurance extra.

We accept online payment by PayPal. We will e-mail you a PayPal Invoice. Simply follow the instructions in the e-mail to make a credit card or PayPal balance payment.

Please be sure to e-mail me if you wish to adopt Anne and Andy in Yellow. As each doll is individually created fabric patterns may not be as shown. Payment must be made in advance and all sales are final.


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Sherry Lynn Campbell