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Here you will find some of the other items that I enjoy making.  It seems I just can't stick with one thing.  If I see something and it takes my fancy, well then I've just gotta do it!!!


Victorian Tatted Bookmarks

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Tatting is quickly becoming a lost art.  Done in the Victorian times, ladies would sit and tat with a shuttle making lace for their dresses.

Tatting is a very time consuming craft.  Each bookmark takes well over one hour to create.

The straight bookmark measures 15" from tassel to tassel.

The cross bookmark measures 11.5" from end to tassel.


Wedding Album & Video Cover

Click the picture for more info and pricing.

If you will be attending a wedding in the future, you know how
hard it is to find just the right gift. The items I offer here are beautiful and lasting pieces to present to the
happy couple, and you won't have to worry that they will be getting two!


Click the picture for more information.

I know that the picture is of a bunny (it was a special order) but this Greeter can
be made into Mrs. Claus (I call her Mary Christmas), Santa, Angel, or a Granny!
She stands approx 3 feet tall and is dressed in the appropriate seasonal colours.

Appliance Disguises

Having a clean floor means having a vacuum and nowhere to put it. Even if it's a
new vacuum it's still an eyesore tucked away in a corner. Disguise it and don't
worry about it any more. Available as Bunny, Cow, Girl or Granny in colours to
match your decor.



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