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Peridontia the

Tooth Fairy

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Peridontia The Tooth Fairy stands 10" tall, is made of doe suede, has a needle sculpted face and loopy hair.  She wears a singed and burned skirt.  The bodice and hat are made of medium pile white faux fur.

Her high button boots and wings are painted to match her skirt.  She also carries a tooth bag, but what tooth fairy would be without one!

Original Design by Kelly Lynn Smith.

Peridontia is Sold. Please e-mail me to order your very own.


Shipping and insurance extra.

We accept online payment by PayPal. We will e-mail you a PayPal invoice. Simply follow the instructions in the e-mail to make a credit card or PayPal balance payment.

Please be sure to e-mail me if you wish to adopt a Peridontia of your own. As each doll is individually created you may choose the dress colour, fabrics may vary. Payment must be made in advance and all sales are final.

2001 SLC Designs.  All Rights Reserved.

Sherry Lynn Campbell